In 1941, Sol and Ray Lapidus, formerly of Brooklyn, opened the first “Mom and Pop” grocery store in Plainsboro – Lapidus Market. At a time when America was still recuperating from the Great Depression, the two New Yorkers took a chance with their money, moved to Plainsboro and purchased what was originally known as the “Quaker Stores” to begin their new life.

As most of Plainsboro was farmland in the 1940’s, Lapidus Market catered to Walker-Gordon farm hands and offered goods such as shotgun shells, chicken feed, work pants, groceries and Esso gasoline. Over the next 50 years, the business grew from a grocery store to a hot lunch spot with a specialty in homemade products as well as fresh beef and other fine meats. 

At least three generations of the Lapidus family have served the Plainsboro community. Until its closing in the late 1990’s, Lapidus Market was the oldest retail business in Plainsboro. The location is now owned and operated by The Original Steak & Hoagie.