Introduction to the Museum

The Historic Wicoff House Museum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the history and development of the Township of Plainsboro. The museum collection and exhibits include these categories:
Native Americans, Agricultural Community, Wicoff Family, Scientific Research, Elsie the Cow, Childhood and Schools, Community and Businesses, Plainsboro Centennial.

Featured Exhibit

Walker-Gordon Laboratory Company

Walker-Gordon Milk Bottles

Walker-Gordon Milk Bucket

Walker-Gordon Milk Cartons

Walker-Gordon Food Warmer

Walker-Gordon Employee Uniform Overalls

Walker-Gordon Milkman Delivery Jacket

Mueller Tiles that Hung in the Walker-Gordon Rotolactor

Photograph of Walker-Gordon Employees Making Fertilizer

Milk Bucket

Walker-Gordon Laboratory Glass Bottle

Walker-Gordon Laboratory Glass Bottles

Dairy Thermometer

Walker-Gordon Receipts

Walker-Gordon Truck Kids’ Toy

Walker-Gordon Wooden Milk Bottle Crate

Jeffers Calculator
Invented by Henry Jeffers

Walker-Gordon Wooden Milk Bottle Crate

Walker-Gordon Insulated Milk Bottle Crate

Walker-Gordon Fire Whistle

Walker-Gordon Milk Bottle Caps

Upcoming Exhibits

The Wicoff Family – February 2021

The Wicoff Family lived in the house from its construction in 1880 to about 1960. This exhibit will portray an intimate look into their lives.

Early Plainsboro Families – May 2021

To honor National Family History Month, this exhibit will feature photographs, objects and records from early Plainsboro families.

Early Plainsboro Businesses – August 2021

Although farming and research companies have long made up the foundation of Plainsboro’s commerce, other small businesses and community organizations made a lasting contribution to Plainsboro’s development. This exhibit will¬†showcase some of them, including grocery stores and civic groups.