The Stults Farm: A Legacy of Family, Tradition, and Sustainability

For over a century, the Stults Farm has been a staple of the community, dedicated to providing fresh produce and preserving the beauty of the countryside. The story of the Stults family began in 1915 when Clifford Addison Stults purchased the 93-acre farm, which would eventually become a legacy that spans five generations.

Early Years

Clifford’s son, Stanley C. Stults, joined him in the farming business in 1944, and together they grew potatoes and wheat. In 1950, Stanley took over the operation and continued to expand the farm. His son, Stanley C. Stults Jr., joined the family business after finishing high school in 1968, and they added soybeans to their crops.

Expansion and Diversification

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Stults family leased and farmed an additional 600 acres of land. As the demand for housing developments increased, they turned to diversifying their crops to support their mortgage. They introduced “Pick Your Own” strawberries and peas, along with potatoes, wheat, and soybeans.

Preservation and Innovation

In 1986, they added “Pick Your Own” sweet corn and vegetables to their operation. In 1987, the Stults Farm became one of the first farms in Middlesex County to be part of the Municipally approved Farmland Preservation Program. This program ensured that their land would remain preserved for future generations.

In 1990, they held a farm machinery auction to sell off their potato-related equipment, marking a new era for the farm as they shifted focus to growing fruits and vegetables for “Pick Your Own.” In 2012, they introduced a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, allowing local farmers and dairy ranchers to join forces and offer their products to consumers.

Transition and Evolution

In 2014, the Stults Farm made the decision to discontinue “Pick Your Own” fruits and vegetables, opting instead to focus on direct market sales of their produce at their farm stand. The only exception is their beloved “Pick Your Own” Pumpkins in October.

Today, the Stults Family owns, manages, and works on the farm themselves. The main source of income comes from direct market sales at their farm stand and their CSA program. The farm remains committed to sustainability, growing field corn, wheat, and soybeans as rotation crops.

The Future

The Stults Farm is proud to be a family-owned operation that has been around for over a century. With five generations of family members working together, they are committed to preserving their heritage and maintaining their beautiful 212-acre preserved farmland. 

Meet the Stults Family:

  • Stanley C. Stults Jr. (son) – Farm owner
  • Jill Ellen Stults (wife) – Farm owner
  • Brian (son) – Farm worker
  • Jennifer (daughter-in-law) – Farm worker
  • Amy (daughter) – Farm worker
  • Michael (son-in-law) – Farm worker
  • William (grandson) – Newest member of the family farm

Join them at the Stults Farm as they celebrate our rich history and commitment to sustainability. Visit them today and experience the beauty of their preserved farmland for yourself!