Discover Plainsboro’s History

This summer I led and worked on a project to create a car and bike tour for Plainsboro. The goal of this tour is to create a way for residents and tourists to visit local sites and learn about Plainsboro’s history and get to know the town a little better.

Given the current situation, this tour is a great way for families to leave their homes and enjoy a fun and new experience for free. In order to participate in this self-guided tour, individuals need a “smartphone” so that they can access the website designed for the tour, which contains the google maps with each stop’s address and information listed.

Those interested in taking an audio tour can choose to download a QR code scanning app. QR codes will be on the signs at each location and can also be found on the website,

More detailed instructions are up on the website which will also be on the signs at each stop of the tour.

Overall, working on this project helped me better appreciate the town I live in and learn more about its history. My hope is that those taking the tour feel the same way and also genuinely enjoy this new experience.