A week ago from the time that I am writing this, the Wicoff House Museum held our fall harvest event, AppleFest. It was an afternoon filled with history, crafts and apple treats of all kinds. AppleFest was the second event that the Wicoff House Museum has held since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Museum Curator worked very hard for several weeks to make this event safe and successful.

Planning events and programs during the Covid-19 pandemic is a very different experience. The priorities of the event immediately become guests’ health and safety. Crafts stations and games have to be set up distanced from one another, limits of guests looking at the museum exhibits are in place and of course hand sanitizer is out in abundance.

Despite the challenges that come with holding in person events during a pandemic, it always proves worth it. Seeing families and visitors come together (while staying apart) at the museum is one of the best parts of the job. Watching people engage with their local history is always something that will light up faces of museum workers.

The day came together for me personally overhearing a child and his mother. The mother asked her child if he was ready to go home and he responded, “No Mom, we have to go look in the museum. I didn’t see everything yet”.

The events at the Historic Wicoff House Museum are safe and free to attend. The Wicoff House will continue to safely hold events for our community and all are encouraged to come out and experience the fun.