Giving Back to the Community

The Wicoff House Museum and the Wicoff House Museum Youth Advisory Council haven always benefitted greatly from immense support of the community. The community always shows up to events in large numbers and helping with projects and events. The community has allowed the Wicoff House Museum and the Youth Advisory Council to create, succeed and even thrive.

Communities across the world are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ours no expectation. The members of the Youth Advisory Council were eager to help their community as these difficult times continue. The Youth Advisory Council wanted to work with the Plainsboro Food Pantry to help in any way possible.

This past Sunday some members of the Youth Advisory Council worked for several hours to create Trick-or-Treat goodie bags for the children that the food pantry helps. The Youth Advisory Council members donated candy, decorated bags and wrote notes for every child the food pantry serves.

As we approach the holiday season, the Plainsboro Food Pantry is accepting donations to help those in our community in need. The Plainsboro Food Pantry currently provides food to over 50 families in our community. You can help by donating unexpired food or cash to our pantry. Please look at the Plainsboro Food Pantry website,, to see how you can help!