The other day the museum had a special visit from Wicoff Elementary alumni Carol Bakely. Carol went to JVB Wicoff School from 1954 through 1960, back when it was called Plainsboro School and taught grades K-6. She gladly told stories from her life growing up in Plainsboro and provided her perspective on historic events. 

During her visit we were thrilled to learn she is pictured in a photograph currently on display in our temporary exhibit “The School that Started a Town,” which details the history of Plainsboro schools. An area of this exhibit is dedicated to Wicoff School’s “Cornerstone” Time Capsule which was filled with newspapers, pictures, letters from students and other memorabilia from 1960. This box was then placed in the cornerstone of the school’s new addition during an accompanying ceremony on Monday, January 18th, 1960. The time capsule was recently opened in 2019 during the school’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Carol Bakely is pictured in the Grade 6 class photo, centered in the front row. To her left sits her good friend Connie Sohl, the daughter of Clifford Sohl who served on the Board of Education, the Town Council and was president of the Plainsboro Historical Society. To our surprise, Carol also provided the names of every other student in her class.

Learn more about the history of Plainsboro schools by visiting our temporary exhibit – open through May 7th! Visiting hours are 1pm-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays.