A Few of my Favorite Things

Hey there, Julianne here again. I’m here to talk about some of my favorite artifacts in the Historic Wicoff House Museum collection. One of my favorite objects is the wedding dress of Lavinia Wicoff when she married John Wicoff. Mrs. Wicoff’s wedding dress and wedding shoes were donated to the museum by her grandson last year. Below is a picture of the top of Lavinia’s wedding dress which shows the detail of the dress. I think this is such a cool object in the collection because it lends itself to a lot of discussion on the history of the Wicoff family.

At the time of their wedding, neither of them could have known where their legacy would be today. They could not have imagined that they would help to establish Plainsboro as an official Township, that their house would become a museum or that Lavinia’s wedding dress would be on display.

I take pride in my role of continuing to tell the local history of Plainsboro and the Wicoff family.