About Namah J

I am a teenager right now, and I love reading books. I am very interested in volunteering and helping others. My favorite mythical creatures are dragons and phoenixes.

Vest From Early 20th Century

This vest was one of the first collection at Wicoff History Museum. Vests like these were all handmade.

Vest From Early 20th Century2023-07-24T14:57:24-04:00

Industrial Arts Desk

This Industrial Arts Desk was used as an entertainment and education use for kids who were at home. The desk

Industrial Arts Desk2023-07-22T19:24:39-04:00

Photograph Album

Photographs have been used for memories, history, and more! And many people didn't smile back in the olden times because

Photograph Album2023-07-21T15:31:49-04:00

Native American Stone Tools

Native Americans have inhabited North America for thousands of years. Before any other civilizations came to embark on the United

Native American Stone Tools2023-07-21T15:21:36-04:00
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