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I am a teenager right now, and I love reading books. I am very interested in volunteering and helping others. My favorite mythical creatures are dragons and phoenixes.

Mail Slot Window

They used Mail Slot Windows in the olden times to deliver mail directly into the house. The mailmen would slip

Mail Slot Window2023-09-17T11:57:24-04:00

The Walker-Gordon Steam Whistle

The walker-gordan steam whistle alarmed the people in the fire company when there was a fire. There would always be

The Walker-Gordon Steam Whistle2024-02-27T13:03:43-05:00

Foot Muff

These warm and furry shoes were for ladies. They mostly used it for a fashion or practical use when they

Foot Muff2023-08-11T08:16:59-04:00

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells were attached to harnesses of horse-drawn vehicles. They very helpful and useful because they would alert other riders

Sleigh Bells2023-08-10T11:50:06-04:00

Two-Person Saw

Two-person saws cut in both directions, the word two-person saw meaning two people will hold each side of the saw

Two-Person Saw2023-08-09T14:59:34-04:00

Ice Skates

Ice Skating itself, was popular in the 90s. People made it a sport in 1863. Many of the ice skates

Ice Skates2023-08-09T11:47:27-04:00


Typewriters were used in the olden times to communicate with people around the world. They were also used mostly for



Baseball was played in the 1800s. Kids often played baseball because it was a popular outdoor game at that time.


Elsie The Cow

Elsie The Cow was an inspiration to Borden Company. Elsie was a character from a cartoon. So the Borden Company

Elsie The Cow2023-07-25T10:27:16-04:00

Tennis Racket

Tennis started in the 12th century and is played til now. It was a lot more complex than the modern

Tennis Racket2023-08-06T15:29:32-04:00
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