Exploring the Past and Shaping the Future: A Recap of Our Exciting Summer Intern Projects

As summer nears an end, we at the Wicoff House Museum want to take a moment to highlight some of the projects taken on by our passionate summer interns.


Emma Liu

Emma created an exhibit based off of the early people, farms, and businesses of Plainsboro. She started by gathering information from files, then created summary documents for the early people, farms, and businesses of Plainsboro. She later created a slideshow that would accompany the exhibit. Emma found a variety of objects and files that she wanted to incorporate into her exhibit while exploring the museum’s archives. She proceeded to label them and plan out how to put her exhibit together. She will soon be setting the exhibit up on display and encourages community members to come visit!

Namah Jangid

Namah took on a role as a marketing intern this summer. She worked to create a series of interactive and engaging videos about the multitude of collections in the museum and generated descriptions for each collection. These videos were later posted on the museum’s various social media platforms.

Aartie Singhal and Aadya Srivastava

Aartie and Aadya collaborated to digitally transcribe historic documents of various historically significant former residents of Plainsboro such as Emily Ruedemann. Through this project, the pair learned about historical documentation and aspire to share their knowledge with the community.


Nadia Burston

Nadia’s project consisted of compiling various objects and pamphlets regarding the Walker Gordon Farm  into a Traveling Trunk. This Traveling Trunk will later be used to teach young children about the history of Plainsboro and Walker Gordon at different schools.


Abhidipto Chakraborty

Abhidipto undertook a research project on a historically significant family in Plainsboro – The Barlow Family. This project includes constructive data and facts about the various aspects of the overall life of the family. In addition, Abhidipto documented the large objects in the downstairs archive storage room through a spreadsheet. This cataloging project aids in providing concrete information about the antiques left in storage.


We are excited to share our remarkable summer intern projects with our wider museum community. Please stay tuned for more exciting updates and events as we enter the fall season!