Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.

The following was written by members of the Plainsboro Historical Society, c. 1991:

Siemens Corporate Research, Inc. is the U.S. research branch of Siemens A.G., western Europe’s largest electronics concern, employing 365,000 people world-wide. Siemens came to Plainsboro in 1982, when it moved into leased quarters in the Forrestal Center.

Siemens Corporate Research, Inc., 1989

Siemens moved to Plainsboro because the Forrestal Center provided a superior research environment in a community of industrial laboratories. This location also afforded proximity to Princeton University. This provides progressive educational opportunities for Siemens’ corporate research scientists and engineers, as well as enabling a supporting research liaison with the university.

Siemens Corporate Research, Inc., 1989

In 1988, the staff of 150 scientists, engineers, and support personnel moved into a specially-designed, new laboratory and office building at 755 College Road.

During the nine years that Siemens Corporate Research has been in Plainsboro, the company has contributed to research progress in the electronics oriented technologies – including new microelectronic structures and materials, artificial intelligence applications (expert systems, speech recognition, robotics, factory automation, and learning systems), environments for large scale software development, and opto-electronics and advanced microelectronics design.