The Mapleton School

In honor of schools starting again in September, let’s explore the history of Plainsboro’s schools. The previous blog post illustrates the evolution of Plainsboro’s Two Room School House. This post will delve into the history of the Mapleton School!

The Mapleton School was once located on what is now known as Route 1, next to where FMC is today. It was the only school in the corridor section of Plainsboro.

The date that the school was founded is unknown. However, by 1880, the school received a total of $300 per year. The value of this one-room schoolhouse was $1,500 and funds were being allocated to provide the school with a library. About 46 children attended the school at the time.

Although the date that the school ceased to function is unknown, local residents such as Russel Hullfish are said to have attended the school.