On Sunday 11/13/22, our Youth Advisory Council made S’mores and hot dogs by the fire as a thank you for their hard work and commitment to the Wicoff House Museum! As the year rounds out, we wanted to show the YAC members our appreciation for their enthusiastic participation in our events, collections, and much more!

Throughout 2022, YAC developed and hosted numerous events such as a Sancranti Celebration, Murder Mystery Night, Museum Restaurant Experience, Trivia & Puzzle Contest, and our first Haunted House Tour! The teens and pre-teens also assisted in creating multiple temporary exhibits which focused on Plainsboro’s Elsie the Cow, Women’s Accessories of the 19th & 20th centuries and Cooking & Baking Utensils – all located in Plainsboro’s Recreation and Cultural Center! Alongside these projects, YAC members assisted in archival work, research and organizing our vast historical collection.

The Wicoff House Museum Youth Advisory Council has changed the way every aspect of our museum operates and has helped ensure our museum’s sustainability and relevancy. Thank you YAC members!

Teens and Pre-Teens can still join! Visit tinyurl.com/wicoffyac to register!

Be sure to check out future events coming up!

Escape the Museum on 11/19tinyurl.com/wicoffescape22

SnowFest on 12/11tinyurl.com/3rdsnowfest

Teens in Museums Workshop on 12/3https://forms.gle/dEXEi7YFySSsygPQ7