Plainsboro certainly has changed and grown since its incorporation on May 6, 1919.  Our township of 11.84 square miles is much smaller than our neighbors West Windsor and South Brunswick.  A look at census data for Plainsboro in the period from 1940 (population 925) to 1970 (population 1,648) speaks to the rural nature of our township. Take a look at this 1950s aerial view of Plainsboro Village. Do you recognize any landmarks? With the construction of the first apartment complexes, the population in 1980 increased to 5,605.  As more farmland was given over to  housing, the population quickly grew to 14,213 residents in 1990 and then jumped to 20,215 in 2000. The latest census data indicates that there were 23,931 residents living here in 2022.  The population density figures are equally astounding with 78.1 people per square mile here in 1940 and climbing to  1,707.7 in 2000.  No matter how large or small, Plainsboro has always been a great place to live and it will continue to evolve and thrive.