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Dr. Braun is a retired public school educator with over 35 years of experience teaching students from elementary through college. She holds a Doctorate of Education in Teacher Leadership (EdD) from Walden University.

McCormack Lake’s History

Spring is a wonderful time of year to take a trip to the Plainsboro Preserve for a hike around beautiful McCormack Lake.

McCormack Lake’s History2024-05-10T14:51:35-04:00

Happy Take Your Child to Work Day

The Wicoff House was buzzing with excitement this morning as township employees brought their children to visit the Wicoff House Museum for

Happy Take Your Child to Work Day2024-04-25T14:01:24-04:00

Walk through the Garden

Spring is a wonderful time to walk the grounds of the Wicoff House Museum. The iris plants have started blooming and flowering

Walk through the Garden2024-04-17T12:42:21-04:00

Spring at the Wicoff House Museum

The Wicoff House, while no longer the large farm that Catherine Britton and her husband John Wicoff once ran, it still retains

Spring at the Wicoff House Museum2024-04-17T12:48:25-04:00

Mr. Wicoff’s Secretary Desk

This beautiful antique secretary desk is on display in the former home of John Van Buren Wicoff. Mr. Wicoff's portrait sits on

Mr. Wicoff’s Secretary Desk2024-03-24T15:13:30-04:00
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