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Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit

With the celebration of Plainsboro's founding approaching, the Wicoff House Museum has a new exhibit created by student intern, Emma L.  This

Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit2024-03-17T13:51:54-04:00

Mail Slot Window

They used Mail Slot Windows in the olden times to deliver mail directly into the house. The mailmen would slip

Mail Slot Window2023-09-17T11:57:24-04:00

The Walker-Gordon Steam Whistle

The walker-gordan steam whistle alarmed the people in the fire company when there was a fire. There would always be

The Walker-Gordon Steam Whistle2024-02-27T13:03:43-05:00

Foot Muff

These warm and furry shoes were for ladies. They mostly used it for a fashion or practical use when they

Foot Muff2023-08-11T08:16:59-04:00

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells were attached to harnesses of horse-drawn vehicles. They very helpful and useful because they would alert other riders

Sleigh Bells2023-08-10T11:50:06-04:00

Two-Person Saw

Two-person saws cut in both directions, the word two-person saw meaning two people will hold each side of the saw

Two-Person Saw2023-08-09T14:59:34-04:00

Ice Skates

Ice Skating itself, was popular in the 90s. People made it a sport in 1863. Many of the ice skates

Ice Skates2023-08-09T11:47:27-04:00


Typewriters were used in the olden times to communicate with people around the world. They were also used mostly for


Woman’s Dress

Woman's Dress Original form circa 1850/re-worked circa 1860 Silk, Cotton/Linen, Horsehair and Whalebone Middlesex County, NJ 1994.050 Unveiling the fascinating

Woman’s Dress2023-07-27T18:57:25-04:00
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