Mr. Wicoff’s Secretary Desk

This beautiful antique secretary desk is on display in the former home of John Van Buren Wicoff. Mr. Wicoff's portrait sits on

Mr. Wicoff’s Secretary Desk2024-03-24T15:13:30-04:00

Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit

With the celebration of Plainsboro's founding approaching, the Wicoff House Museum has a new exhibit created by student intern, Emma L.  This

Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit2024-03-17T13:51:54-04:00

Man in the Moon

Here is another whimsical ceramic tile produced by the Mueller Mosaic Company at the Wicoff House Museum. An entire series of nursery

Man in the Moon2024-03-05T12:41:08-05:00

Local Lenape Artifacts on Display

The Wicoff House Museum offers rotating exhibits throughout the year. These photos are from a special display of local Lenape artifacts. The

Local Lenape Artifacts on Display2024-02-27T13:24:35-05:00

Around the World – in 1923

This 1923 Industrial Arts desk feature a paper scroll with all kinds of educational pictures - including the flags of the world

Around the World – in 19232024-01-21T17:48:06-05:00
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