What is a corbel and why are they important? A corbel is a decorative support that extends out from a wall. The


Founder’s Day 2023

On Saturday, May 6th, Plainsboro held its annual Founder's Day celebration! The entire Recreation Department was on hand to ensure the day

Founder’s Day 20232023-05-16T12:08:20-04:00

John V. B. Wicoff School Ceremony

John V. B. Wicoff School Ceremony Since schools are starting again in a few days, let’s continue exploring the history of Plainsboro’s

John V. B. Wicoff School Ceremony2022-10-26T20:46:53-04:00

History of the House Museum

The Role of the House Museum When someone says the word “museum”, they probably think of the historic house museums they have

History of the House Museum2022-10-26T20:53:09-04:00

Haunted House Museum

Is the Wicoff House Museum haunted?   As the seasons change and fall approaches, so does Halloween. The time of the year

Haunted House Museum2022-10-26T20:54:55-04:00
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