The 2003 Opening of the Plainsboro Preserve

One of the jewels of Plainsboro Township is glistening McCormack Lake and the surrounding 1000-acre Plainsboro Preserve.  The McCormack Sand and Gravel

The 2003 Opening of the Plainsboro Preserve2024-05-10T15:22:46-04:00

Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit

With the celebration of Plainsboro's founding approaching, the Wicoff House Museum has a new exhibit created by student intern, Emma L.  This

Plainsboro’s Pioneers Exhibit2024-03-17T13:51:54-04:00

Founders Day May 4, 2024

Founders Day will be celebrated by Plainsboro Township this year on Saturday, May 4, 2024 (raindate: Sunday, May 5th) beginning at 12:30

Founders Day May 4, 20242024-03-17T12:52:07-04:00

Finding Genealogical Clues in Deeds

Most of the time when one is doing research for a family tree, the first step is to locate documentation to provide

Finding Genealogical Clues in Deeds2024-03-10T15:06:52-04:00

Man in the Moon

Here is another whimsical ceramic tile produced by the Mueller Mosaic Company at the Wicoff House Museum. An entire series of nursery

Man in the Moon2024-03-05T12:41:08-05:00

A Presidential Event

Congratulations to the Wicoff Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members on another successful event! YAC members planned activities and crafts for participants to

A Presidential Event2024-02-29T11:26:32-05:00

Population Growth of Plainsboro

Plainsboro certainly has changed and grown since its incorporation on May 6, 1919.  Our township of 11.84 square miles is much smaller

Population Growth of Plainsboro2024-02-06T15:27:40-05:00

What does an archaeological dig look like?

In 1982, an archeological dig was done at the location where the new Scudders Mill Road Bypass would intersect with US Route

What does an archaeological dig look like?2024-01-28T12:41:00-05:00
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